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The international research project group ‚Film and Theology’ brings together theological scholars who work within a university setting with others who work within church-funded media-centres. Current members include scholars from Austrian, Swiss, German, Belgian and UK universities and institutions.

Research of the Film and Theology group focuses mostly on feature films. This genre is understood as one which reconstructs many dimensions of human life in ever new and aesthetically varying forms, which deals with the past through memories, and which sketches future developments in often playful ways. A special emphasis is placed on the religious dimension of human existence, which can be dealt with explicitly or be evoked through aesthetic means in feature films. At the heart of the project group's research are auteur cinema as well as mainstream films. While contemporary productions form the central focus, older, historically significant films, too, come into view where relevant.

Just published:

R. Zwick, P. Hasenberg (eds.): The Bible Revisited. Neue Zugänge im Film (Vol. 28)

Freek Bakker et al. (eds.): Blessed are the Eyes that Catch Divine Whispering. Silence and Religion in Film (Vol.  29)

This was the annual
conference 2016:

May 5th - 8th, 2016 in Schwerte (Germany):

FAMILIENBILDER (Family in image and imagination)

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 Peter Hasenberg, Bonn; Prof. Dr. Reinhold Zwick, Münster and Dr. Markus Leniger, Schwerte


Annual Conference 2017


Graz, Universitätszentrum Theologie, May 24th-27th, 2017

Detailled agenda here (website)

Call for papers:

The fifth issue of JRFM (November 2017) will deal with Using Media in Religious Studies.

Please download the complete call HERE and submit your papers on until February 28th, 2017.